Our privately held company kicked off January 2009 with its head office located at Baghdad. Ministry of Health and KIMADIA supports and supplies all government hospitals and medical centers in the country through scientific bureau

We have other Scientific bureau under Rwad Alseha

We select potential products,brands through an extensive market research and identify the current trends and pattern trends

Global Partnerships distribution

  • Will Pharma/ Netherlands
  • Medcomp/USA
  • Coswell Group/ Italy
  • Origen/USA
  • Bap Medical/ Netherlands
  • Neauvia/ Switzerland
  • Romed/Netherlands
  • Mesodermal/USA

To extend our trade, RWAD Alseha established three scientific bureaus in Baghdad namely

Our alliance with International companies, associations, and service providers enhance our professional and community interaction in a way that benefits our client companies

which is responsible for tender business and supply of cosmetics to the private sectors (Which includes hospitals, medical centers, and pharmacies ).

Al-Nakaa Scientific bureau

What is a Scientific bureau?

A Scientific Bureau is a business entity in Iraq registered, regulated and approved by Iraqi Ministry of Health (MOH), KIMADIA and Syndicate of Pharmacists to represent international pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of medical supplies and health care companies inside Iraq.