A dynamic, flexible and progressive company tasked with the management, marketing and promotion towards ensuring the sales of products supplied by the Iraqi Ministry of Trade and KIMADIA.

Rwad Alseha is a privately held Limited company that was founded in early 2009.

It is a  business entity that is registered and approved by the Ministry of Trade.
We provide logistics management services for both the public sector and the private sector in Iraq and value-added solutions empowering and  promoting the Trade care industry.
RWAD Alseha combines years of experience, dedicated team with a technologically advanced infrastructure to provide a reliable service that our client and various hospital in Iraq can depend on and appreciate..
We deal in the Management , Marketing , Promotion  of pharmaceuticals, medical appliances, complementary medicines and dermocosmetics to the Iraqi market.

To extend our trade, RWAD Alseha established three scientific bureaus in Baghdad namely

Al-Nakaa Scientific bureau: which is responsible for tender business and supply of cosmetics to the private sectors (Which includes hospitals, medical centers, and pharmacies ).

Alruyaa Aldahbihaa Scientific bureau: is responsible for distribution of food supplement vitamins.

Lara Scientific bureau: is responsible for the distribution of pharmaceutical products in the private sector




Our work extended to deal with 32 drug warhouses all over the country



we distribute medical supplies for more than 630 pharmacy across the country



we have very professional and unique team work 24/7

For KIMADIA, we also have very professional and unique team that deal with the media through the management.

Whenever there is a contract at the MOH, we take part in the bid with other specialists companies and we've won in most of the cases because of our approach.